Recycling of composite materials from aluminium and plastic
Manufacturing of aluminum granules, grit and powder


The D.A.R. Metall AG specialises in the manufacture of aluminium granules from secondary raw materials for use in the metallurgic and chemical industries.

The recycling plant, which began operations in 1998, is one of the largest and most modern of its type in the world. The company is a registered waste disposal specialist. D.A.R. Metall AG is extremely active in the field of metal recovery, recycling aluminium and synthetic scrap from a variety of multi-layer composite materials in an environmentally friendly, energy-saving manner.

The company’s high market position has been created thanks to its ability to fulfil exacting quality and environmental requirements in a reliable manner. The largely automated and monitored recycling system permits large lot sizes to be processed at maximum speed. The sophisticated technology used at D.A.R. Metall AG allows the company to perform its services in an extremely flexible manner.