Recycling method

Recycling of composite materials from aluminium and plastic Manufacturing of aluminum granules, grit and powder

Waste is incurred in almost all areas of industry and housekeeping. The use of multilayer material composites from metals and polymers has become increasingly widespread since the 1990s, particularly in the construction and packaging industries.

However, it proved difficult to recycle this waste in an environmentally friendly manner for many years. The majority was dumped, thermally treated or used as an alloy or additive material by the metal industry.

The innovative systems engineering used by D.A.R. Metall AG enables the efficient material recycling of waste from a multitude of composite materials, in a process which avoids thermal admission and the use of chemical additives. The disintegration and separation of individual components is a dry mechanical process thanks to their physical properties. The process is practically emission-free and generates hardly any excess waste.